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"Changing the world, one girl at a time..."

The cornerstone of the organization centers around a unique experience provided through the student organizations of Chase Dreams, Not Boys. The Outreach program is an after-school program facilitated by trained college young women to serve as mentors while conducting interactive workshops in at risk middle/high school girls.


The program works to help girls establish concrete goals, build self-esteem, and influence positive decision making. In creating an open environment absent of administrative interference, CDNB volunteers are able to build a powerful and influential relationship. In doing, so participants are more receptive to the innovative curriculum created entirely by CDNB.

In addition the youth, education, and pose of CDNB volunteers are the attributes that set the CDNB experience aside from others. Participants are exposed to a diverse group of young women who are in pursuit of various careers, who invest in the importance of community service, and who are close to them in age yet mature enough to recognize the importance of the Outreach Program.


The goal of the Chase Dreams Not Boys Outreach program is to build up as many girls before they get a chance to be broken down. We will change the world, one girl at a time.

Are you interested in having CDNB implement the 10-week Outreach program in a high school in your area? Interested in us facilitating a 1 hour session for your cheering squad, Girl Scout troup, church or any other group of young ladies ages 12-17 that you feel would benefit?

Contact us at today!

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